Elephant Trekking in Khao Lak Jungle
Touch and feel the rich of all colors trees, variety of wide animals, beautiful stream and waterfall that are preserved by local people. Enjoy trekking on elephant's back among natural jungle. Feed the elephants, the biggest animal in the world. Learn to live together with them and help together. Feel fresh and enjoyable with the waterfall flowing from Khao Lak National Park .

Khao Lak Bamboo Rafting
Enjoy and take the adventure by bamboo raft, the man-made bamboo raft from local people. Rafting along the crystal clear rivers from Khao Lak National Park , the moist and humid virgin forest which is plenty of all colors trees and wide animals. Feel fresh and enhance yourself with clear streams and marvelous hills.

Classic Canoeing in Mangrove Forest
Learn to live together with nature. Canoeing with local boatman, admire the rich mangrove forest, existing sea animal and wide animal. Visit the over 200 year's unseen ancient big Ficus jungle. Feel fresh with the cooling fresh waterfall at Sai Roong Waterfall.

James Bond Island
Track the top agent of the world, 007, to the James Bond Island . Admire and visit the wonderful nature at Khao Tapu, Phang-Nga Bay . Take the Thai longtail boat, visit mangrove forest, Tham Lod; a 50-meter-long coastal cave, adorned with fantastic stalactites and stalagmites. Canoeing through other fantastic caves surrounded by a fertile mangrove forest.

Similan Island
One of world's most beautiful marine national parks is waiting for discovered by speed boat from Tab Lamu Pier about one and a half hour.

Similan Islands comprised nine islands which are Koh Hu yong (Koh Nung), koh Pa Yang (Koh Song), Kho Pa Yan (Koh Sam), Koh Miang (Koh Si), Kho Pa Yu (comprising Koh Ha and Koh Hok), Koh Hin Pu Zar (Koh Jet), Koh Similan (Koh Paed) and Koh Ba Ngu (Koh Kao). Koh Similan is the biggest island with five square meters and the smallest one is Koh Pu Zar, looking like human skull, it's called “Hin Kalok” or “Hin Hua Chang”, the islet is blessed with wonderful undersea world-fantastic coral reefs and stunning fish for only scuba diving. Each island offers the challenging and adventurous themes. The feelings of tourists are impressed by the natural underwater world and wish to come to visit for many times.

Surin Island
Surin Islands National Park is comprised five islands, Koh Surin Nua, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Tor Rin La (Koh Rab), Koh Pa Jum Ba (Koh Mang Kon) and Koh Stork (Koh Fai Wab). Just one hour by car and one and a half by boat, the most beautiful coral reefs in Thailand are waiting for discovering by you. Fanstastic undersea world and variety of wonderful fish also unseen sea animal will impress you for eternity.


"Billion mineral, house in the water, beautiful cave, amazing mountain, grove with Jam-poon, Plenteous resource"

Phang-nga, a seaside province by the Andaman Sea with scenic views of forests and islands. The province offers superb natural beauty both onshore and underwater. The province of Phang-nga is located some 788 kilometres from Bangkok. It covers an area of 4,170 square kilometres.