Local Products

- Agricultural Products and Seafood

Agricultural ProductsThere are well known places in Phang-nga like Ko Yao and Ko Panyi that produce shrimp paste from quality fresh water shrimp. Another product for which Phang-nga is famous is the Kung Siep, sun-dried shrimps, which are sent to markets in neighbouring provinces. If you should be passing through Phang-nga, you can buy these products at all markets in Amphoe Mueang, and Takua Thung every day.

- Artificial Flowers made from rubber and fish scales

Artificial Flowers made from rubber and fish scalesThese artificial flowers are exquisite and beautiful, a product stemming from the creativity of the farmer housewives group. At present, these flowers are souvenirs symbolic of Phang-nga province. The products are sold at Phang-nga Provincial Agricultural Office and the Farmer Housewives Group. For more information, contact the Phang-nga Provincial Agricultural Office, Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., tel: 0 7641 2019.


"Billion mineral, house in the water, beautiful cave, amazing mountain, grove with Jam-poon, Plenteous resource"

Phang-nga, a seaside province by the Andaman Sea with scenic views of forests and islands. The province offers superb natural beauty both onshore and underwater. The province of Phang-nga is located some 788 kilometres from Bangkok. It covers an area of 4,170 square kilometres.